Monday, December 8, 2014

Kathmandu graph

Sometimes, when Bikas does not tattoo, he paints on walls...

 Working with Zen.

There it goes with a Thamel wall.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Funky news

During his travel in France, Baba Bikas got written about in a local newspaper. Here is the article's translation for his work at Black Cat shop in Louviers, Normandie.

"Isn't my tattoo artist beautiful? Well, he's nepale.

Last week, at the tattoo shop of the Mendes-France street, in Louviers (The Black Cat), there was an unusual guest: Baba Bikas, a napale tattoo artist, better known as Funky Buddha Tattoo.

Baba Bikas came all the way to France from his far aways Himalayan mountains, to study art and culture. Most of all, he is an artist who loves music and painting. He practices the art of tattoo to make a living. Tattoo is an ancient tradition which is part of the nepale culture. It is even a traditional medecine, people get tattooed to keep from malaria or other deseases.

Funky Buddha Tattoo is specialized in bamboo work, a method which he learned in Thailand. At R1, Black Cat's tattoo artist, he used this method to create tattoos on clients...who looked very happy. Not even painfull, they said. Anyhows, now, the nepale, they got him in their skin."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ink'Side mandala

                              Making bamboo mandala on Kik, from Ink'Side, in Ardeche, France.

 Finished work.

Thanks Kik and Alex for the super welcome. See you soon!